Labor Studies Minor

The Center for the Study of Work, Labor, & Democracy offers world class History courses and a unique, interdisciplinary Labor Studies program.

Labor Studies Minor

Although housed in the Department of History, the Labor Studies Minor is interdisciplinary in scope, incorporating a variety of courses throughout the humanities and social sciences to offer students an integrated understanding of work, labor, ethnicity, politics and economy. The Minor combines academic study with an internship experience to prepare students for a variety of relevant careers and/or graduate study. All courses that apply to the minor must be taken for a letter grade.

Preparation for the minor

One course from history 2C, 4C, or 17C

for a total of 4.0 units each

Choose one: Asian American studies 1,

Black Studies 1, Chicano Studies 1A, Economics 1

or Global Studies 1, Sociology 1, Feminist Studies 20 or 40.

for a total of 4.0 units each

Upper-Division minor

24.0 units required

History 167Q for a total of 4.0 units
History 166B, 167CB, 174B or 174C for a total of 4.0 units each

Choose 4 from 2 different disciplines:
Asian-American Studies 113, 130, 132
Black Studies 102, 104, 193Y
Chicano Studies 171, 174A, 177, 178A, 189
Economics 100A, 150A, 150B, 152
English 133GC, 165BC
Global Studies 130
History 165, 166B, 166LB, 167CP, 167E, 168A, 168B, 168LA, 168LB
Sociology 131, 134, 157, 185D
Feminist Studies 120, 153

Note: Substitutions and waivers are subject to approval by the chair of the department. Please see page 118 of General Catalog for special conditions governing minors in the College of Letters and Science.


HIST 294: Colloquium in Work, Labor, and Political Economy
Hosts leading scholars of the nineteenth- and twentieth-century U.S. whose work touches upon the history and character of work, employment, labor, poverty, race, ethnicity, political economy, and public policy.

HIST 167CP: Proseminar in American Working Class History
A research and writing seminar in American working class history with emphasis on the twentieth-century period. A major research paper will be required on a seminar related topic.

HIST 167CB: The American Working Class Since 1900
A survey of American workers from the turn of the century to the present period. Topics include workers and American socialism, the 1919 steel strike, the rise of the CIO, labor and the Cold War, and deindustrialization and workers.

HIST 167Q: Labor Internship Seminar
This research seminar provides students with a set of readings and assignments to develop a 20-page research paper that is based on historical and social science methods and on some aspect of their internship.